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DJ Klas

Photo: Tatyana Nesterova

It all started in 1998. As the dance blended into my body, the music became more and more importent, which led to DJ-ing from 2003.
I build my music exclusively from the Golden Age where my intention is to give you the best conditions to find those rare dance experiences where coherence is total.

Some of my favorite songs (for the moment):
Fresedo; Vida Querida. Ruiz, 1940.
Biagi; Pura Clase. 1939.
Di Sarli; No Está. Podesta, 1942.

Where Klas is playing 2023:

5 January            Tangorama, Trettondagsafton, Helsingborg
27 January          Camarin, Malmö
4 February          Taba Tango, Copenh

12 February        Tangokompaniet, Malmö
28 February        Tangokompaniet, Lund

28-29-30 April    Homero Tango Marathon, Malmö

16 September    Taba Tango, Copenhagen

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