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Over the years we have attended many milongas, festivals, marathons and encuentros. Over a cup of coffee we talked about what qualities that make a good tango event. Here is what we found out:

Dancers who have realized that it is not about showing off
but about enjoying each others 

Great DJ:s who mainly plays music from the golden age.

A balance between followers and leaders.

 Dancers who can appreciate invitation to dance through cabeceo.
 Dancers who "asks for permission" to enter the dance floor.

 Dancers who maintains a good flow on the dance floor.

 Dancers who are respecting the lines of the ronda.

 Dancers who are careful with each other.

A wonderful dance hall with a nice atmosphere, a good floor and sufficient ventilation.  Other significant parts of the dance hall is the sound of the music and good ambient lighting.

That we together create a friendly, social and open atmo-sphere. This also means free seating in the dance hall.

So with this in our mind we decided to create...

Encuentro La Milonguita!

Encuentro La Milonguita, 2022

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